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Terms of warranty: the warranty period is 12 (twelve) months from the date of sale.

Warranty does not apply to products with injuries caused by:
   1. Incorrect operation, rough handling, improper connection, failure to comply with the product pack enclosed instructions.
   2. Mechanical, thermal and other damage caused due to improper operation, rough handling or accident.
   3. Untimely filter, dust collectors and other parts and accessories cleaning and replacement.
   4. Ingestion of foreign objects, liquids, rodents, insects. Etc.
   5. Exposure to high ambient temperatures on heat sensitive parts of the product.
   6. Device plugging in power supply with inappropriate current and voltage range.
   7. Unauthorized repair.
   8. Damaged power cord.
   9. Force majeure (fire, flood, lighting, etc.)

Guarantee does not apply to nodes, mechanisms and accessories with ordinary period of deprecation (brushes, non-stick and ceramic inner pots, blades, knives, bags, filters, dust collectors, shampoos, liquid, etc.) as well as rechargeable power sources and batteries.
Warranty does not cover products with mechanical damage.
Warranty does not cover maintenance work, product assembling and setting up at customer’s place.
Warranty does not cover products which are used for industrial commercial purposes. .