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Tomato soup

Vegetable broth or water – 1,5L
Tomato – 500g
Onion – 100g
Sweet pepper – 100g
Olive oil – 50ml
Garlic – 30g
Salt, black pepper, red chili pepper
Croutons, basil leaves for serving

Make cross–shaped cuts on tomatoes and put them into boiling water for 1 minute. Take the tomatoes out, cool and peel. Place olive oil, chopped vegetables (except tomatoes) into a multicooker pot. Start program «Fry» and fry vegetables stirring frequently for 20 minutes. When program is over, pour vegetable broth or water, put peeled and chopped tomatoes into the pot. Close a lid and start program «soup». Cooking time is 40 minutes. Puree the soup using blender or food processor. Don’t use the multicooker pot for making puree. Serve the dish with olive oil and croutons. Garnish the top with basil leaves.